“Every project deserves thoughtful consideration of the client’s needs, style, environment and resources to provide a solution that is the highest vision of their space”.

We believe and have experienced that a well designed small space may feel luxurious and more spacious than it is. This is particularly relevant in todays society where people are downsizing whether as empty nesters or to live close to the city’s prime areas. While we work on and enjoy large properties the small ones have a special place in our heart. Limited areas focus you to focus on what you really need, how you really need to use the space. Once that is done, many wants are put in place. Dialed down it’s having what you really use and eliminating the bags of unused, unwanted lotions, cosmetic samples and the rest.


We also believe as do many of our peers that a well designed space raises the experience and quality of life of all that inhabit it. Our environments can bring out the best in us, ground us, or slow us down.

We are not limited to one design style. As you will see, all of our projects are completely different. We do not have one style that fits all. All of our design solutions share a common thread of layered finishes and textiles, sculptural lines and tailoring.

It takes time to a project well. We liken our process of doing your project to a tax audit. It is just as detailed and meticulous. Often the projects that seem the most straightforward are deceptively so. Planning and drawings locate the trouble spots in an environment i.e. the intersection of a ceiling beam with a cabinet, and allow us to work through it expertly. This is not done in 5 minutes or less but we endeavor to be timely and efficient.

We are always thinking of not only how a space will work for you but also how it is relevant to a future occupant.